Using a variety of media including painting, miniature room storytelling, music, short film, and art-book collaborations, my work consistently embodies a curious feeling of nostalgia. There is a desire to pull the past forward into the now and even propel it out into the future. Never in a sense of resisting change, but rather to remind us of where we have been, so we may have a better look at where we might go. Some of the pieces offer complete narrative tales unfolding, yet more often they present a suggestion of events and leave space for interpretations of the story. 

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“Mitchell’s montage method concerns itself…with the accretion of meaning – not just the build-up of information, but the generation of new, amplified and modulated sensation. Mitchell’s heraldic compositions gain their strength and tension not from the drama inherent in their elements, but from the new drama that emerges from their juxtaposition.” 

- Los Angeles art critic and curator, Peter Frank.

Enjoy the 15 minute short video about the different aspects of my studio practice below. (Created by ShinPro Media)