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After having created the music soundtracks for my short films, and hearing those play out in spaces alongside paintings and other media, it became apparent to me the benefits of touching the other senses as part of my exhibits. Sound can be such a wonderful director of emotions. Suddenly you not only see what the artist meant, but you can also hear it, adding immense dimension to the whole experience. Being a musician myself, I'm always pleased to be able to offer this feature to my exhibits. After all, as a friend once told me - "Fantasy requires music". 

Water Appears and Disappears Sound Cover 2.jpg

Water Appears and Disappears

The soundtrack created to accompany the exhibition at Florida Mining Gallery, Jacksonville.  November 6, 2014 - January 15, 2015.

Magic Lanterns Sound Cover.jpg

Magic Lanterns

The soundtrack created to accompany the multimedia art exhibition