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...For Home

I'd like to create a piece of art that tells a story about you! If you've spent some time exploring my site, then by now you know that I create characters from most anything and anyone, and I weave them together into situations and associations to tell my visual stories. Imagine if I could work with you to mine that imagery from your history and create a piece of work that tells a unique story about your life ? Wouldn't that make such a unique and interesting addition to your home that would become a conversation piece for many years to come ?

- Detail of a story created for a private collection.

...For Business

Perhaps you own a business that has a history that you are very proud of. What if I could spend some time with you to learn about that history and then create a piece of art to reflect that story visually? Or maybe your business is in a city that is a particular source of pride for you and the founding years of the company. What if I could thread tales from the city's past in with the narrative of the creation of your enterprise? An artistic telling of that story is sure to incite dialogue with your customers and help cement your presence firmly in the community.

- "Martha's Bird of Fire" is a two-part story created for the Polaris lounge in the blue dome atop the Hyatt Regency/Downtown Atlanta.

...In Miniature

Who doesn't have strong memories tied to the home they remember growing up in? So much of our story begins right there in our childhood home. For many of us it's our teenage bedroom, the family living room, or that wonderfully retro kitchen. What if I could make that special room for you to have and display in stunning LED lighted miniature? If you have photos of that special place that you treasure, why not consider letting me work from those images to make the place real again? It will be a window to the past that's forever yours.

- Rooms are for example only. Right room is a photo. Left room is a 1/7th scale miniature (not intended as replication).


Fees begin as low as $1500 for the creation of smaller paintings of your story, but vary depending upon the desired size. I can consult with you and work to meet both your budget and desired outcome. Fees for miniature room creations of your story are available after a free initial consultation. My rates include all consultations we have during the creation of your story as well as local installation (CA) of the art into your home or business. So all need from you is your story and I'll make it appear into your place ...

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