Welcome To My Studio

The Deep South’s Gulf Coast where I grew up has a long history of storytelling. On hot summer days, it was common for folks to share local legends, tall tales and ghost stories. Immersed in the tradition, I recall listening to my grandmother add her own colorful accounts to a story while talking on the phone. All this narrative fueled my imagination and provided an array of subjects for visual art. My work today, including miniatures, paintings, music, short films, and storybooks, consistently embodies a curious feeling of nostalgia. There is a desire to pull the past forward into the now and even propel it out into the future. Never in a sense of resisting change, but rather to remind us of where we have been, so we have a better look at where we might go. What I love most about making art is that it is my way of carrying on a tradition of storytelling and bringing imaginative tales to life.

Please visit the About page to learn more about me and my traveling exhibition, Ghost Stories and Fairy Tales . Or follow the links below to begin exploring my work. Enjoy!